Several products help shift the body clock to wake up early.

Portable light boxes

light box

If you need to seek light when it is dark outside, a portable light box will help. Light boxes shine bright light (around 10,000 lux) that can shift the body clock.


blue-bocker sunglasses

If you need to see clearly (e.g., to drive) when you should be avoiding light, wear blue-blocker sunglasses. They block the blue light that has the strongest effect on the body clock.

Recommended are the pictured Uvex Bandit glasses which effectively block blue light and are inexpensive. Other sunglasses by Cocoon (with amber lenses) fit over prescription frames.

Dark sunglasses

dark sunglasses

If you cannot control light exposure when you have to avoid light, wear very dark sunglasses.

Sleep masks

sleep mask

To avoid light from a bright room while sleeping or resting, wear a sleep mask.

Blackout curtains

blackout curtains

If you do not wear a sleep mask, use blackout curtains to darken the bedroom.

Smartphone app


An Early Waker app may be developed.

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