Early Waker helps you wake up earlier.

It's fast.

  1. Enter your sleep schedule a few days before you need to wake up early.
  2. Get and follow your personal sleep plan.
  3. Wake up feeling more alert.

It's scientific.

How tired you feel is based largely on your body clock. By shifting your body clock, you can feel more alert earlier in the morning.

Research shows that light exposure at the right time can shift your body clock (Revell et al., 2012). Early Waker creates an individual plan suggesting the best times for bright light exposure (e.g., sunlight). People who follow these suggestions can shift their body clocks to wake up earlier (Burgess et al., 2003; Bjorvatn & Pallesen, 2009).

Early Waker offers valuable advice that is clinically and scientifically correct … I have used a similar set of instructions for patients suffering from delayed sleep phase and other circadian rhythm disorders.

Ziad Shaman, MD
MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio

The same principles can also be used to reduce jet lag.

It's free.

Early Waker does not cost any money to use.

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